How to buy art
by Cathal McKee

Step 1
Embrace the emotion

It’s that moment when you are drawn to an artwork. You can’t keep your eyes off it…for some reason. Savour that moment - enjoy it! The artwork is saying something you want to express yourself. It might be conjuring up a memory or a feeling, but most importantly it is connecting to you. That's the most important thing to look for in any art. If it makes you stop and think it must be good for you. The next step is to ask.

Step 2
To buy or not to buy

Everything has a value, it’s often just how much you want it against how much you can afford it. The price is often the reason not to buy and price alone shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Art isn’t something you buy everyday but that piece of work that you are attracted to is as important as anything else. Try to look at it in terms of how much enjoyment over time you will get from it. Clothes you change often, Art you don’t.      

Step 3
Is art an investment?

Everything costs money. Some things are bought that instantly depreciate after buying them… like a car. Art can be an investment. The artist you are buying might be a rising star growing in value over the years. Or not. The main thing is that you are investing in both yourself and the artist. A certificate of Authencity guarantees the work comes from the artist. If you are lucky, like any investment, the artwork will grow in value over the years, but more importantly that you see the value grow in your enjoyment of it.

Step 4
The first purchase

Do your research. Talk to the person at the gallery or online. Google the artist. It's always good to know who the artist is, their background and history. The first purchase is 90% emotional and there is nothing wrong with that. The next one will be just as emotional, but a little easier. Check if there is a letter of authenticity with the artwork. Check how the artwork will be delivered. On arrival check the artwork and the letter of authenticity.


Step 4

How to pay for art?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a credit card or Pay Pal account. If you want to pay through your bank account, simply fill in our form below and our support team will handle all requests by mail and provide you with our banking details.

Need not worry. The artwork you want to buy will still available buying this way. We guarantee confidentiality and a secure transaction without the need to use the shopping cart.

*Fiercepop offers credit cards and PayPal as the primary payment method.

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