10 Things you need to know

1. What is Fiercepop?

Fiercepop is an Art Start up that provides a platform for emerging artists to express their thoughts and ideas through any media and the opportunity to share, sell and socialise their work. Fiercepop believes fiercely in making art accessible by location and by price.Combined with offline pop-up events, Fiercepop provides artists the opportunity to share, sell and socialise their work. We are not a gallery in the traditional sense. We have no physical space. The internet has become one big art gallery for everyone to see and share. The consumption and enjoyment of art has become a digital experience. 

We believe that people today want more art in their homes. Our belief in #artforeveryone is by offering digitally printed artworks at affordable prices.

2. What is Fiercepop art?

Fiercepop is not fine art. Fiercepop has its roots firmly in the traditions of the Pop Art movement. The reproduction of art has now become digital and consumed by millions online through Instagram, Facebooks and other social media channels. It is vital that artists have the chance to take advantage from this shift in the consumption of visual art. Fiercepop offers an outlet, a new opportunity to be seen and heard.

‘Fierce’ describes the positive creation of new imagery from artists who want to say something more about their environment and everyday experiences. Fierce art creates the building blocks for a new culture.

Izaac Zavale - Khabazela Fried Chicken

Izaac Zavale - Khabazela Fried Chicken


3. Why do we do Fiercepop.com?

Fiercepop.com is at the centre of the digital collection offering artworks to a global online audience. Fiercepop.com believes in lowering the barrier to buy art. We do this by making it tangible with artworks held by the Fiercepop team or the artist. We strive for an affordable price for every work. Ultimately the digital printing size determines the price, but with simple standardisation we will achieve an #artforeveryone price for all.

4. What is a fierce pop-up?

‘Fiercepop-up's’ are the events where people can see, buy and interact with the artworks. We organise these events in public places and unexpected spaces, not in the traditional white gallery space. Fiercepop-ups last two weeks, temporary and urgent in our intervention. Fiercepop-ups evoke the Salons of Paris of the 17th century, loud, rowdy places open to all. Art was for everyone.

In the 1930’s, the Director of the Stedelijk Museum, Willem Sandberg, introduced the white gallery. It changed the way we look at art and became the template for a thousand imposing white galleries. Fiercepop-ups are aimed at accessibility by reviving the Salon as a means to appreciate art.

Pietro Antonio Martini - Salon du Louvre, Paris 1787

Pietro Antonio Martini - Salon du Louvre, Paris 1787

Johannesburg Pop_UP, March 2017

Johannesburg Pop_UP, March 2017


5. Who are the Fiercepop artists?

The artists are primarily from the African continent and beyond. It has been our inspiration with works looking at issues of identity and renewal. 

Fiercepop curates and supports emerging artists at the beginning of their creative journey. The digital collection is renewed continouously, with new works and contemporary artists. It is important to keep the curation fresh and relevant while offering a collective place for the artists to present their works
as a whole.

6. #Artforeveryone

We believe in providing affordable art for everyone. Digital printing now offers people the opportunity to access and own art. We encourage a fair price for every artwork by resourcefully printing the artwork locally to the buyers address which saves time and shipping costs. Our ambition is to give everyone a chance to own Fiercepop art while helping to guide and inspire buyers on why art is important in their everyday experience. 

Lazi Greiispaces - Ntsako

Lazi Greiispaces - Ntsako


7. Who’s behind Fiercepop?

Fiercepop is the initiative of Cathal McKee who has over 25 years experience as a Creative Director in the creative industry. Visit cmk1.com to find out more.

In the past 5 years, Cathal has curated a series of exhibitions in Amsterdam, Johannesburg, Cape Town and London presenting emerging artists at the beginning of their creative journey. A graphic designer by trade his interest in new and emerging art from Southern Africa started back in 2010. As a founding member (2010-2013) of Salon1.org in Amsterdam, he initiated and co-curated exhibitions in Amsterdam and Cape Town exhibiting local creative work across different locations throughout the city.

Cathal McKee

Cathal McKee


8. What started Fiercepop?

In 2014, the Afrovibes Festival invited Cathal McKee to curate a first pop-up exhibition as part of the performing arts festival held every year in Amsterdam. The first pop-up in the foyer of the MC Theatre was titled ‘Fearless Renewal’ and presented graphics, design, fashion and photography from Southern Africa and its diaspora.

The 2015 edition was repeated with the second exhibition titled ‘Bleeding Edge’ focusing specifically on graphic arts and photography.

The 3rd edition in 2016 titled ‘Fierce.Now’ presented work based on the theme ‘the fierce urgency of now’ derived from a Martin Luther speech.

In 2017, Fiercepop launched online and with a programme of pop-up events to support, promote and sell the works of emerging artists.

Fearless Renewal Poster

Fearless Renewal Poster


9. How to submit

Fiercepop is always looking for new contemporary art from artists, photographers and illustrators able to provide digital work. We embrace work that is more than just a pretty picture. Submitting work starts with an introductory email followed up personal contact between the curator and the artist. Work submitted will be reviewed within a few working days to encourage a quick and fair response.

Contact: cathal@fiercepop.com

10. It’s all about the work

See more work from the artists.