Cathal McKee | United Kingdom

Cathal spends his time between Amsterdam and Cape Town curating and finding new artists.

What does Cathal do?
Curator and collector
- Responsible for finding and curating new works into the Fiercepop collection.
- Responsible for the relationship between Fiercepop and the artists.
- Responsible for the promotion and marketing of the artists.
- Responsible for making tea and supporting the team.

Cathal McKee who has over 25 years experience as a Creative Director in the creative industry. In the past 5 years, Cathal has curated a series of exhibitions in Amsterdam and Cape Town presenting emerging artists at the beginning of their creative journey. A graphic designer by trade his interest in new and emerging art from Southern Africa started back in 2010. As a founding member (2010-2013) of in Amsterdam, he initiated and co-curated exhibitions in Amsterdam and Cape Town exhibiting local creative work across different locations throughout the city.


Noxolo [Daphney] Makhetha | South Africa

Daphney is based in Sweden and travels between Stockholm and Cape Town managing artists

What does Daphney do?
Organiser and Producer
- Responsible for all online purchases and delivery to customers.
- Responsible for organising the events and liaising with the locations.
- Responsible for artist management and the delivery of the artworks.
- Responsible for customer inquiries.


Daniel Fernandez Garijo | Spain

What does Daniel do?
Digital Designer, Print Manager and Website Support
- Responsible for all artwork updates on the site and social media campaigns.
- Responsible for file delivery and printing quality.
- Responsible for all design issues.



Candice Cherade Padayachy | South Africa

What does Candice do?
Legal Counsel
- Responsible for the copyright protection of all artworks.
- Responsible for liaising between artist and Fiercepop on all legal matters.
- Responsible for protecting the artists intellectual property and advising artists.
- Responsible for customer legal support.