Faatimah Mohamed-Luke | Please make my butt look big

Faatimah Mohamed-Luke | Please make my butt look big


by Faatimah Mohamed-Luke
South Africa

50x 40cm

Artwork is created using small plastic blocks placed onto a perspex board.

About this work:
Part of the series Body Politics.
For this series I’ve decided to focus on Body Politics. It's the thing I feel most holds us back from being fierce human beings and demanding our rightful places within society. We, as Womxn, have internalized centuries of misogyny and the practices through which our bodies are regulated by society. We struggle to love our whole selves, always focusing on the parts of our bodies which are not on trend… because of course breast, waist and buttock sizes are trend based things. How can we not be overwhelmed when media tells us to fix our skin, fix our hair, augment our body shapes with strict diet, focussed exercises and even surgery. With all these unrealistic ideals, having a career, perhaps raising a family, how many women have time to take on politics or office regulations. I feel that this focus on body politics is a very considered plan to distract women from the issues within our societies. This runs even deeper by creating a ‘best type of hair’, ‘best skin tone’ or the idea of classes of Womxn... stimulating competition amongst women.

I believe, we Womxn, can indeed have it all. Within the last 5 years we have learned how to filter our external stimuli. We have discovered ancient teachings recognizing 5/6 sexes instead of just 2. We are learning how to love our hair that naturally grows out of our heads and how to love and care for it. We are learning that all body shapes and life phases have beauty. We are starting to love the traits formerly thought of as negatives and learning how to use them to our advantage. We are learning to see the value in our differences and that collectively we are stronger. 

My artwork was created to highlight the ridiculous ideals that have been placed on Womxn sometimes by Womxn. It's meant to stimulate conversation. We should ask ourselves what makes a Womxn. Why we hold ourselves to such unrealistic expectations while men are allowed to be human. My hope is that my artwork can help one Womxn see her value and the power she wields when she is her whole true self. It’s such an incredible time to be a Womxn and we can only thrive together.

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Faatimah Mohamed-Luke is a 35 year old designer who lives in Milnerton, Cape Town with the husband, the kid and 2 cats. In 2003 she graduated from Cape Technikon with ND: Fashion and also did a year of design encompassing Graphic, Interior, Industrial, Textile and Jewellery design disciplines. Faatimah is a founding partner of successful designer brand, adam&eve and has honed her skills, having participated in numerous fashion weeks and international exhibitions for the last 10 years. A year ago, she resigned from fashion to focus on Art, Interior design and working with new materials. Her current focus is creating large-scale wall art made of plastic building blocks. Faatimah’s fascination with tiny plastic building blocks comes from her love of minute detail and intricate patterns. I discovered the art of Tessellation i.e. a highly symmetric, edge-to-edge tiling using a simple porcelain shape on a recent trip to Morocco. I loved how every surface was painstakingly adorned to perfection, and the appreciation from both locals and visitors. I hope to highlight and recreate the art form of tessellation in a modern way using plastic building blocks. This medium creates nostalgia and relevance at the same time and is appreciated by all ages and backgrounds. 

Faatima and/or artworks have been featured in Visi magazine, Elle Decoration, House and Leisure magazine, 
SA Homeowners magazine and The Sunday Times in South Africa, as well as Create Magazine website in USA.

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