Isaac Zavale | Abstract Portrait II

Isaac Zavale | Abstract Portrait II


by Isaac Zavale
South Africa
Size: 35x50 cm

About this work:
My work is about the lost identity of Africans since the continent has been, and continues to be, colonized by the Europeans and North American culture. In my view the problem is that the newer generations won’t really know where they come from and who they are, since there is a lot of transformation in African cultures with Africans trying to catch up with the western way of living or thinking it’s the better way to be someone in the universe. I use the elements of the leopard printed hat, sunglasses and funky colours to portray what Africa is about in Western eyes.

This work is made using a print-making technique.
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Isaac Zavale is a South African fine artist, street artist and co-founder of Alphabet Zoo. He was born in Mozambique and is currently based in Johannesburg. He graduated from Artist Proof studio with NQ level qualifications in 2012.

He’s been curating his own group shows and printmaking workshops with a fellow artist friend since  2011. For the last three years he’s been working hand in hand with his Alphabet Zoo partner Minenkulu Ngoyi running zine workshop and printmaking workshops. They both alga meted with some partners from assemblage to run a printmaking studio (POP) Prints on paper. He participated in numerous group exhibitions locally and internationally. in 2015 he and Minenkulu Ngoyi were invited to be guest lecturers for 3rd year students for alternative printmaking, zine making and book binding courses at  the University of Witwatersrand.
Isaac and Minikulu did an artist residency and a group show in Nantes, France, for GRAFIKAMA mid 2016.
His work is about the social and political issues in South Africa and globally. He sees it as an ongoing story that needs to be told or to express his point of view about.

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